Acclaimed Indian filmmaker Mira Nair will be holding an exclusive preview of her forthcoming film Queen Of Katwenbsp;here for her Salaam Baalak Trust to raise funds for a cause.

Salaam Baalak Trust which works towards providing a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children in the capital was established in 1988 with the proceeds from Nair’s film Salaam Bombay!. The trust has over the years successfully worked with over 73000 till present children.

As part of the ongoing fund raising efforts the trust has associated with Disney’s Queen of Katwe which will open in India on Friday. The special screening will be held here on Monday read a statement.

It is a screening for friends and associates plus potentials donors.

quot;Disney and I are delighted to have the special screening of ‘Queen of Katwe’ which in many ways is similar to the film lsquo;Salaam Bombay!’ my first feature film that was the birth of Salaam Balak Trustquot; Nair said.nbsp;

Starring Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o quot;Queen of Katwequot; is based on real-life events and chronicles the inspiring story of an underdog from the streets of rural Uganda.

Nair added: quot;Salaam Balak Trust and ‘Salaam Bombay!’ honoured the kids from the street to have a childhood and we were determined at that time to give a childhood to bring childhood to many other kids like themselves over the years that is 27 years that Salaam Balak Trust has been flourishing.quot;

Queen of Katwenbsp;traces the journey of 11-year-old Ugandan girl Phiona Mutesi and how she gets out of the slum where she resides to become a world class chess player.

Nair also said that quot;it is a really moving moment for me to bring a similar story; an inspiring story from my adopted home of Uganda — ‘Queen of Katwe’ a remarkably true story of Phiona Mutesi.quot;