Indian Origin biochemist Priyanka Joshi is subsumed in British Vogue’s article ‘25 women shaping 2018’ alongside august names such as Meghan Markle, JK Rowling, and Amal Clooney. The article in the venerable fashion magazine has a comprehensive paragraph on why Joshi was featured in the list. That would easily explain the achievements of this 29-year-old breakthrough science queen.

Priyanka Joshi has a PhD in Biophysics from the University of Cambridge, and she holds a Master’s degree in Science from the University of Pune. The science prodigy has to her accomplishment a library of drug-like molecules against degenerative brain diseases. The Vogue quoted of her as “Priyanka Joshi had barely completed her PhD when Forbes named her one of the most important young faces in science. A research fellow at Downing College, Cambridge, the 29-year-old sits at the cutting edge of Alzheimer’s research, and has been praised for her groundbreaking work building a “library” of drug-like molecules to target irregular proteins that cause degenerative brain diseases. With dementia now the leading cause of death for women in England and Wales, her early breakthroughs and research could not be more vital.”

Joshi is also featured in Forbes article named ’30 under 30’, which has covered wunderkinds on the scope of science and health.

Also in the list of Vogue’s ‘The 25: Meet the Women Shaping 2018’, Meghan Markle has been encompassed for her humanitarian efforts. The newlywed Duchess of Sussex is the only royal to make it to the list. Dua Lipa, 22, is the youngest to be featured. This young virtuoso took pop fans over a storm by the release of her feminist and progressive anthem ‘New Rules’ scoring over a billion views on YouTube.

Among others to be featured in the list are Scottish Politician Ruth Davidson, famed fashion designer Stella McCartney, and Journalist Carole Cadwalladr.