Film: Kung Fu Yoga

Director: Stanley Tong

Cast: Jackie Chan, Sonu Sood, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur, Aarif Rahman

Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure

Rating: 2.5/ 5

The ever loved Jackie Chan and the handsome baddie of Bollywood Sonu Sood starrer Kung Fu Yoga, directed by Stanley Tong is an entertaining sino-Indian combo.

The movie begins with a short segment of animation to open into the present day where the archaeologist Jack (Jackie Chan) is working on restoration and teaching students. With a hint of political statement, the movie managed to stick to its genre of action, adventure and a bit of comedy.

Chan helps an Indian princess Asmita (Disha Patani) and her younger sister Kyra (Amyra Dastur) to find the age-old treasure of Magadha Empire of ancient India.

Sonu is the guy who wants the treasure and hence, follows them everywhere from China to Dubai and to India.

On one hand, Chan proved that age is just a number with his legendary performance and on the other hand, Sood became the ultimate example of villain with suave who manages to give a tough competition to the protagonist.

Apart from Chan, the one who made his presence felt on screen was Aarif Rahman. He made it hard to take eyes off of his rugged sexy look and fine action moves.

The Bollywood ladies tried hard to pull action scenes but missed displaying any yoga moves. The only yoga move that was talked about in the film was ‘to breath under water for a longer duration’, in short Pranayam.

Once the film progresses towards the end, it becomes clear that the makers took the title for India ‘The Golden Bird’ too seriously.

The film could not match up to the expectations as it fails to keep the graph steady. The humour element does not appear to be effortless, but Jackie manages to pull off the funny element with ease and finesse as always. One of the funniest moments of the film is the one where Chan takes a lion on a bumpy ride in Dubai.

One thing that will surely make you chuckle is the closing song where the whole cast, including Chan, can be seen giving their best to deliver Bollywood dance moves on a song with Chinese lyrics.

With difficulty in joining the dots together, Kung Fu Yoga makes it for just a one-time watch unlike Jackie Chan’s other classics.

If not for the story, this flick can be watched for the energetic action sequences and picturesque locations.