Film: Kapoor And Sons
Director: Shakun Batra
Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt, Fawad Khan, Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah
Rating: ***1/2

It tickles your funny bones and touches deep corners of your heart. It leaves you in splits and moves you to tears. Shakun Batra&’s Kapoor and Sons engages you from the first scene to the last speck.

The film takes viewers to a nostalgic trip. One scene or the other might remind you of experiences sometime, somewhere in your life.

Adding to the box of family films, the story revolves around a family with a sick grandfather, who is counting his last few breaths and wishes to click a family portrait engraved with the words ‘Kapoor And Sons… Since 1921’.

Ratna Pathak Shah plays the role of a cranky homemaker and Rajat Kapoor essays the good-for-nothing head-of-the-house.

Fawad Khan, who plays an established author Rahul Kapoor, gets a call from his parents to meet his ailing grandpa. Sidharth Kapoor aka Arjun Kapoor, a bartender and a struggling author also receives a call from Rahul, and they both fly back to India to meet him.

As they open the door of their rooms, memories rush back, and just like any middle class home, the clash between the brothers to have the bigger room creeps in.

“Iss ghar ke rules badle nahi hain!” shouts their mom and at the same time, pampers them and makes homemade apple pies for them.

Not everything is ideal and perfect… sometimes, it&’s all chaos. Just like any ordinary family, they shout, scream, brawl, argue, get angry, break things and throw stuff.

Arjun feels left out as the “not-so-perfect child”. He storms off the house and goes to a friend&’s party, where he meets Tia!

In the role of charming Tia, Alia Bhatt comes across as an outspoken, funny, lively girl and the life of the party.

Tia hangs out with both, Rahul and Arjun, and not even one of them knows about it.

As the deep dark secrets unravel and the ugly truth surfaces, there are moments which simply delight you and make you laugh out loud!

The trio — Alia, Sidharth and Fawad live up to their characters and bring a rather real feel to their screen presence.

Fitting into her role perfectly, Ratna Pathak Shah gives her best. Rajat Kapoor, as the imperfect husband also brings real to reel.

But, it&’s the old, ill and grey grandpa Rishi Kapoor, who steals your heart away. With his perfect comic timing, he is like a house-on-fire. The veteran makes you giggle, guffaw and roar with laughter.

The dialogues “Normally meri family aise behave nahi karti… I mean ‘public’ mein aise behave nai karti” and “Galti toh sabse hoti hai doston, par aise ghar chhod ke nahi jaate” are lines recorded and imprinted on the walls of all homes, but still don’t sound stale.

As the melodrama runs at fast pace, questions like ‘Will they be able to click the family photo?’ and ‘Can the staggering (relation) ships survive?’ pop up.

The songs are catchy and the spontaneous scenes keep you engrossed, but the story that unfolds towards the end is a tad too predictable.

Karan Johar is back with another flick and is all set to win your hearts.