Proving to be a versatile radio jockey through his unique and distinct shows, RJ Praveen is known for his conversational skills. He knows how to make his content interesting as his dialogues and interviews will always leave one in fits of laughter.

He believes in non-restrictive radio jockeying and tries to make connection with his listeners. He shares his opinions, ideas and many more. Excerpts from an interview:

Q How did you come up with the idea of “The Headphone Show”?

I had heard this 3D sound effect on YouTube. I thought on radio we have already done comedy, tragedies, horror, and parody, what new can be done on radio. After listening to the audio, I felt that this can be a new level of presentation.  In India, there are many people, who listen to music in cars, and there are people who listen on headphones as well. Thinking about the people, who listen on headphones, if we bring such a concept where we present the whole sound in 3D that will be one of its kind of experience for listeners. We came up with a two minutes show, Desh Ke Naam — this was on Martyr Hanumanthappa’s story. We created the whole incident with 3D sound and we called in “The Headphone Show”, because definitely you need to plug in your headphones to listen and feel this. That is how the concept came into being. We bring out shows according to the relevance of the date.

Q You have been generating a lot of content for Red FM, be it the morning breakfast show, or Aram Zada Weekend and Ek Kahani Aisi Bhi. All the shows are massive hits. How do you generate such interesting content?

I think creating is not a big thing, but to create that content, you need to observe everything, small or big. It is an important aspect. I believe, radio jockeying is free flowing, and I never limit myself. For me, my most important source is my listeners.

Q What is the mechanism that works in bringing such shows on an audio medium?

Today’s radio is really prompt and instant. In Radio, the starting 20 to 25 seconds are important. You have to generate curiosity among your listener to grab their attention. It cannot be a simple ending but should have a punch.

Q What do think the future of radio in India will be as all the private channels are limited to commercial programmes?

I feel there is a lot of scope as privatisation has changed everything. Now radio is entertainment. The content we create is for everyone, a person who is in 60s or a youth. Presently, the content is being circulated on digital platforms as well. And I do not think listenership is going down. You listen to radio, when you get time in between your work, in tension, in pressurising busy days, you plug in to radio.

Q Could you share on the upcoming shows?

Recently, we have done a programme on the 26/11 Mumbai attack. It is the longest headphone show, of eight minutes, till date. For now, our focus is to create a few videos for the digital medium. In addition, we are also planning to work on a short stories programme, where one has to narrate a meaningful short story in one and a half minute. It is still in process, if we get success, we will run it on radio.

Q After so many hit shows, what do you think works the most for radio because at the end of the day it is just an audio medium. Moreover, with the passing of years, there will be more competition in the market.

My way to look at my work or radio is different. According to me, a person should be creative and innovative on radio. Presently, radio means innovation — it is no more about quality of voice. In this way, I am thankful to Red FM for giving me this creative liberty, in formulating the content for my shows. However, one should also be aware of the limitations so that it does not hurt anyone’s sentiment.  I do not believe in competition, for me everyone is best in their respective fields of work.

Q Do you think podcasts can replace radio in the near future, as with the rise of digitisation media houses are excessively promoting podcasts?

Podcast cannot be real time, but radio is real time! Suppose, if there is any accident in any corner of the city, radio brings you the information. We will try to provide with all the necessary details. This is infotainment — a balanced mix of information and entertainment.