The young star, who recently announced split from TV actress wife Jennifer Winget after two years of marriage, said sometime it is discomforting for him to go about his work amid a personal crisis.

"It is difficult that I am at a position where I am going through a professional high but a personal low. It is disturbing and uncomfortable. I try not to think about it but there are times when I feel like being alone, all by myself," he said.

The actor was last seen on TV in 2013 on drama ‘Qubool Hai’ but he does not feel his absence from the small screen has dampened his popularity.

"I quit ‘Qubool Hai’ at the right time. When ‘Alone’ was offered to me I was learning production and direction. I don’t think not being seen on TV for more than a year will affect my popularity or ‘Alone’," Karan said.

Comparing his experience of working on TV and films, Karan said while the small screen is a training ground for an actor, the big screen is less draining.

"TV is like a school. It is easy to shoot for a film. In movies, you have a definite start and end. You know your character is there for a particular period.

"For me that is very important because when I work I get involved in my character and try becoming like him and a daily soap goes on for years and you literally become the character you play, especially because you shoot for 12-18 hours a day.

You completely lose yourself sometimes as an actor," he said.

Karan, however, assured that he has not bid goodbye to TV and said he would love to be a part of a miniseries.

The actor, who has signed a three-film deal with Kumar, said he just concentrates on improving his own craft and is not bothered about competition from other TV actors making their big screen debut.