Designer Karl Lagerfeld believes that current welfare schemes for public should be scrapped in favour of bonus systems, which offer extra payments for those who are "well turned-out".

Discussing what he would do if he was King, he said: "I would make myself head of the style police and we would fight fiercely against sloppiness.”

"Being well turned-out is not a question of means. Benefits for families would be replaced by maintenance bonuses for those who make an effort,” he added.

The 81-year-old designer would also like to see parents educate their children more because he thinks it would reduce the number of people suffering from degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, reports

"Studying the dictionary should be compulsory. One page per day, like my mother made me do when I was little, with parents testing children in the evening,” he said.

"I would make everybody learn two or three languages. Being trilingual is essential, it opens doors for you, opens your mind and helps you to avoid Alzheimer’s disease,” he added.