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Interview | Pooja Hegde: I never dreamt of acting

Interview | Pooja Hegde: I never dreamt of acting

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Mesmerising viewers with subtle dance moves and dainty expressions, Pooja Hegde stars with the Greek God of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan in Ashutosh Gowariker’s period romance-drama Mohenjo Daro.

Looking cute and bubbly in a blue dress paired with white sneakers, Pooja turned heads as she entered the room with her hair tied in a tight ponytail. 

Making her debut in the Hindi film industry after winning  applause for her Tamil and Telugu stints, it is almost a dream-come-true for the dusky beauty.

In an exclusive interview with, Pooja spills the beans on her first reaction after being finalised for the role, her chemistry on sets with Hrithik and how she landed in the industry.

"It was great to work with a director like Ashutosh, especially in your first film, because, you are rest assured that he will get the best out of you," Pooja said, talking about her experience with the filmmaker.

Elaborating further, she revealed, "He will see to it that you get the best take. When we were doing a lot of trial and errors, I used to ask him, ‘What do you think, the take is good?’ and his response used to be, ‘If it was not good, we would have finished the film long back. The reason we’re taking that long is because we are ensuring it&’s good.’" 

What was her first reaction when she was first told that she has been finalised as the actress and will be paired opposite Hrithik in the film?

"My first reaction was like, ‘Okay…’ because it did not set in that I was doing a film with them," she said, disclosing further, "Then, my mom asked me, how was the meeting and I told her, yeah I’m doing this film. She jumped and got so excited. Then it kind of settled in, that I was a part of such a big film!"

When asked if she always dreamt of modelling and acting, her response, "I never dreamt of acting," came as a bolt from the blue even as she let slip the reality.

Opening up about her childhood and school days, she said, "I was a complete tomboy, short hair. I always wore knickers. I never applied make-up, probably till tenth standard or something. I was quiet and shy."

"I probably  just had three friends. So, even if you ask my school friends or anyone from my batch, they’ll probably be shocked that I’m doing films. And they’ll ask – are you sure it&’s the same Pooja, the geeky, weird looking Pooja? So, I never really thought of doing something even remotely related to it," she added.

Being cast with Hrithik is no cakewalk, more so for an actress’  first film.

"There’s a lot that you can learn from Hrithik," she reels off. But what was he like on the sets?

Putting his cards on the table, Pooja confessed one good thing and one bad thing about Hrithik.

"The bad thing was that I had to match up to him when he dances. So there was an extra push that I had to give myself," she said.

Talking about the "good part", she shared: "He brings a lot of energy on the sets. Everybody on the sets would be really serious and quiet. He would always come in with high energy levels and “shout”. Shout as in – be loud. So then it woke us all up and gave us a bout of energy!