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I get a little shy: Priyanka Chopra on wearing a bikini

PTI | Los Angeles |

Priyanka Chopra was seen flaunting her beach body recently but the actress says slipping into swimsuit still makes her shy.

The 34-year-old star says she felt "sexy" in the bikini, but once out on beach she did get conscious, reported People magazine.

"The last time I felt sexy in a bathing suit was when I saw myself in the mirror before I went to the beach. When I went to the beach, then it's a different story I get a little shy!" 

The Baywatch actress, however, feels confident in the right setting. The actress says she felt good in a swimsuit in public when she recently hit the beach in Miami.

"The water was balmy, the sun was hitting me just right, and the wind was in my hair and I had a bellini in my hand and a bikini on my body. It was a good feeling." 

Priyanka, who plays antagonist Victoria Leeds in the movie adaptation of iconic '90s TV series, says she did not have to diet for the film as she plays a high-fashion, cut- throat "power chick".

"You need to be on a diet of, like, one olive. I'm not like that as a person, you know? I like my food. I could sit and eat whatever I wanted while everyone else was going to the gym," she says.