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Will Smith to visit India next month

Will Smith,will be flying to Mumbai next month to promote his latest Netflix film “Bright”.

IANS | Mumbai |

Hollywood star Will Smith, along with co-stars Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace and director David Ayer, will be flying to Mumbai next month as part of a world tour to promote his latest Netflix film Bright.

Netflix is set to create the Bright experience exclusively for fans in Mumbai, with the A-list team set to tour the city on December 18, a statement said.

“Mumbai’s fans can participate in the ‘Bright’ madness and catch Will and the cast up-close on this one-of-a-kind legendary Monday night at the ‘Bright’ stage performance, red carpet and fan premiere at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, days before the Netflix debut,” the statement read further.

Bright is an action-thriller that takes place in an alternate present-day South Los Angeles.

The action-thriller, which will launch around the world on December 22, is about two LAPD officers, played by Smith and Edgerton, who work to keep the streets of an alternate-reality Los Angeles safe from a sinister, dark underworld.

Earlier this year, Netflix had brought Brad Pitt to India too to promote his film War Machine.