The Late Late Show host James Corden doesn’t think he would be asked to organise Prince Harry’s bachelor party because the royal wouldn’t “trust” him with “such a level of protocol”.

Corden would love to be a part of the 33-year-old prince’s celebrations ahead of his May 19 wedding to actress Meghan Markle, but isn’t sure he will be asked to organise such an event, reports

“He would never trust me with such a level of protocol, “said Corden.

Corden, 29, praised Harry for his “wonderful outlook on life” and admitted he is delighted the flame-haired royal looks so “happy and together” after finding love with the former “Suits” star.

“I don’t know Harry that well but anytime we’ve met or corresponded I’m incredibly fond of him. I think he’s got a wonderful outlook on life and the world. The change in him has been quite remarkable to see really. It’s wonderful to see him so happy and together, and I wish him all the best. I really, really do,” he said.