From George Clooney to Helen Mirren and Jared Leto – Hollywood celebrities at the 72nd Golden Globe award ceremony Sunday night expressed their solidarity with the victims of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in an attack by two gunmen in Paris.

Clooney, the recipient of this year’s Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award, flaunted a "Je Suis Charlie" pin on his tuxedo, while his human rights lawyer wife Amal Alamuddin had a "Je Suis Charlie" emblem on her clutch.

At the red carpet of the gala, held at The Beverly Hilton hotel here, Mirren, Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson and Kathy Bates also showed off "Je Suis Charlie" signage, while French composer Alexandre Desplat, nominated for his "The Imitation Game" score, also brought a copy of the sign, reported

"Je Suis Charlie," French for "I Am Charlie," is the slogan adopted by supporters of press freedom around the world and the French version has fast become one of the most-used hashtags ever on Twitter.

The tributes continued during the ceremony.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Theo Kingma received a standing ovation when he took the stage, calling for freedom of speech around the world.

Last year’s Golden Globe winner for "Dallas Buyers Club" Jared Leto also took a moment before presenting an award at the event.

"Our thoughts, our prayers, our hearts are with you tonight," he said addressing Charlie Hebdo.

Later, Clooney also paid tribute to the victims of the attack, in which the offices of the satirical magazine were attacked by two brothers – Cherif and Said Kouachi – Jan 7, killing 12 people, including the chief editor.

"Today was an extraordinary day, there were millions of people who marched not just in Paris but around the world, and they were Christians and Jews and Muslims, they were leaders of countries all over the world and they didn’t march in protest. They marched in support of the idea that we will not walk in fear. So Je suis Charlie," Clooney said.