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Very happy to be 50: Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman (Photo: Facebook)

Actress Nicole Kidman doesn’t fret abut getting old. She says she is very happy to be 50 at the moment.

The Big Little Lies actress, who turned 50 on June 20, opened up about her age in an interview to Australia’s Stellar magazine.

“Just joy. I’m just really going, ‘OK, this is my life’, and I’m very, very happy to be 50. I think that’s what happens with birthdays once you get to a particular age, you’re just like, ‘Yay, OK, here we go,” Kidman said.

The actress also said that she celebrated her birthday with a quiet family party.

She said: “I did not have a huge party. I was like, I just want to be with my family. And my sister came over with all her children, my brother-in-law, I had Keith (Urban) and my girls. We Skyped my mum because she couldn’t fly all that way, but I flew back and had a small party with her and my close, close, close friends. And that was it — simple.”

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