English actress Brooke Vincent thinks she’s become more “girly” since signing up to Dancing on Ice because of the glitzy outfits.

The Coronation Street actress will be taking part in the skating competition in the new year and admitted it is a big deal for her to wear skimpy and sparkly costumes because they are so different to her usual wardrobe, but she’s willing to give them a try and her mum in particular can’t wait to see her outfits.

“I’m really excited (about the costumes). I’m not very pen with my body,” said the actress, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“It will be a massive thing for me to wear those costumes, I’m much more a trousers and blazer type of girl, rather than a little dress.

“My mum can’t wait because it’s going to make me so girly. I’m the least pink, sparkly person but I’ve had some pink clothes sent to me with my name on the back in sparkles. The show is changing me,” she added.