Jennifer Lawrence says does not identify as a method actor and said she becomes the character as soon as she puts on her costume.

The 27-year-old actor, who was last seen playing a Russian ballerina-turned-operative in Red Sparrow, said the film’s director, Francis Lawrence asked her to talk to her friends in an accent to stay in character – a suggestion she refused.

“For two weeks before the movie, Francis would say, ‘You should talk in the accent at home. Stay in the accent and talk to your friends in the accent.’ I said, ‘Francis, I don’t have those kinds of friends. They would never call me again’,” Lawrence told Star magazine.

She added she spent several months getting the accent right and it was tough as it was the first time she was playing a foreigner.

“… So I spent four months before the movie figuring out what kind of dialect she would have. Once you get there and you have the costume on, you become the character and it’s easier,” the actor added.