Actress Cate Blanchett gave her perfume to her taxi driver for his girlfriend.
The 47-year-old was very flattered when the man complimented her on her fragrance and handed over the bottle of Armani Prive for him to give to his girlfriend because she was concerned he wouldn’t be able to buy the exclusive scent, reports
“A cabbie once asked me what fragrance I was wearing, because it was his girlfriend’s birthday. And I was so touched that I gave him the bottle. It was actually a very exclusive Armani Prive scent and I didn’t have another one, but I had to give it to him because I thought he would never find it,” Blanchett told Evening Standard magazine.
The Carol actress, who has three sons, Dashiell, 14, Roman, 12, and Ignatius, eight, and daughter Edith, 18 months, with husband Andrew Upton, loves eating out and thinks there’s nothing more romantic than multiple restaurant meals in a day.
Asked what is the most romantic thing someone has done for her, she said: “Taken me out for lunch and then take me out for dinner. On the same day”.