Christian Bale has never failed to wow his audience in all of his movies. His style of acting and way of presenting his character always shines through the film. His new movie, Hostiles, that hit the theatres on Friday is a period epic about an army captain helping a Cheyenne chief and his family get through dangerous territory in 1892. This movie is sure to get people immersed and riled up through the storyline and Christian’s acting.

In honor of his new movie and on the occasion of his birthday, check out the top 5 films of the Oscar-winning actor that showcase him in all his glory, from his excellent version of The Batman to his teen singing and dancing days.


1. Batman Begins

Even though Ben Affleck rocks as the current caped crusader, for a certain generation Christian bake will always be Batman Forever. Checking out Christian’s original Bruce Wayne performance in the 2005’s Batman Begins is a great way to reminisce the unequivocal star performance as he nails his interpretation of the famed superhero.


2. Newsies

This delightful 1992 Disney musical is one of Christian Bale’s earliest roles that he played. Bal plays the role of Jack Kelly who is one of the newspaper boys who go on strike in 1889. The film has great music, great dancing, and caps that look absolutely adorable. This movie had its own theatrical interpretation of it that was performed in select cinemas in the month of February.


3. American Psycho

Bale’s character in the 2000’s changed the way cinema looked towards him, breaking the good boy personality and taking up a more menacing role. His movie the American Psycho gave him the character of Patrick Bateman, the titular psychotic killer in Mary Harron’s classic thriller. The violent, horrific and trippy film can be tough to watch but its commentary on extreme wealth and masculinity holds up.


4. The Prestige

Before the actor-director duo of Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan made the iconic Batman trilogy together, they created magic with another period story. Considered as one of the most intense movie you’ll ever watch about stage magicians, The Prestige star the cast with great actors like Bale and Hugh Jackman as rivals who will do anything to out-do each other with illusions.


5. The Fighter

Christian Bale was nominated and won an Oscar for his marvelous performance in this 2010 boxing film, ‘The Fighter’. His performance in The Fighter, for which the actor worked so hard that he lost a great deal of weight, was one of his best and most harrowing performances that is looked back on till today.