Justin Bieber has been sued by the Toronto SUV limousine driver that alleged the pop star punched him in the head repeatedly back in December 2013.

The driver, Abdul Mohar, is asking for USD 850,000 in damages, and seeking a court order preventing Bieber, 21, from coming within 100 meters of him, according to documents filed in Toronto.

Mohar, 34, said after picking up a group of six men via transportation app Uber on December 30, 2013 in Toronto, a man he later identified as Bieber punched him in the head because he refused to turn the limo’s music up louder.

In a statement to the Toronto Star, Mohar claims Bieber punched him "very hard" after climbing into the front seats and turning the stereo’s music to full volume.

Bieber’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan, called the lawsuit against his client "totally without merit."

In an emailed statement he said, "During the course of the incident, while speaking with the 911 operator, the limousine driver had, in fact, identified his alleged assailant, who was still present, as black. After a careful assessment of the evidence, the Crown attorney withdrew the charge."