Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka The Terminator, followed his words “I’ll be back” in the classic film to the brink, as he ‘resurrected’ from death.

The public was in for a cruel joke when bogus media sources reported the death of the Hollywood star, one of many celebrity death hoaxes in recent times. 

According to the sources, Arnold was found dead in his Californian home following an apparent heart attack this Friday. Like all sensational news stories, this spread like wildfire. Social media went berserk reacting to the shocking news.

His emotional fans couldn’t help but express their grief by tweeting the following:

“Arnold Schwarzenegger is no more but The Terminator will be always alive in our Heart.”

“RIP #ArnoldSchwarzenegger found dead of apparent heart attack."

“Oh my god world greatest bodybuilder is no more its so sad to say…… "Arnold" is no moreeee.”

“#ArnoldSchwarzenegger you cannot leave us this soon. I’m waiting for your reply…” 

Later, when it was confirmed that the popular actor was fit and alive, people breathed a sigh of relief.

“I almost suffered a heart attack after hearing the false death news of the legend Arnold,” tweeted one Rahul Basu.

“Enough, #ArnoldSchwarzenegger isn’t dead. Now go ahead, have some pancakes and then rewatch #Predator and #Terminator,” tweeted one Mattia Veltri, with the sanest piece of advice to the nervous netizens.