Actor Adam Sandler has come under fire for repeatedly touching actress Claire Foy during a chat on TV show The Graham Norton Show, appearing to leave her uncomfortable and embarrassed.

In the Friday night episode of the show, Sandler can be seen resting his hand on Foy’s knee. Her efforts to remove his hand went unnoticed. He placed it multiple times on her knee leaving her feel awkward, reports

Actress Emma Thompson, who was a guest on the show, was amazed by Sandler throughout the awkward encounter.

To make matters worse, Sandler also touched the leg of Thompson. He was later slammed over social media by many viewers.

One viewer tweeted: “Adam Sandler touching Claire Foy’s knee for no reason, she put his hand back, he then does it again, she looked rightly p***** off.”

Another wrote: “Felt very uncomfortable watching Adam repeatedly put his unwanted hand on the knee of Claire Foy.”