No matter how you ignore it, everybody loves a good superhero movie and growing up as a child, the superheroes you see simply turn from an inspiration to a character that you love for how badass they are.

Superheroes are superheroes, they are known for doing good — with the maximum collateral damage that can be imagined, from destroying the parking lot to entire cities. Their mark is not only their superpowers but also the ability with the ladies.

So these are some of the superhero movies that every geek should not miss out on.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

One of our favorite cartoons of childhood comes to life in this action-packed, shell-shocked experience package as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They can be seen on the streets of Manhattan once again in a completely different and let’s be honest a much better looking avatar. The movie features the four mutant turtles Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello and their Sensei and adoptive father known as Master Splinter in their sewer base. The turtles work with April O Niel, a reporter working in Manhattan played by actress Megan Fox.

Missing out on one of the 90’s classic with the modern world’s tech can almost be considered a sin. I know some fans want to stay true to the originals but this remake for a movie really does catch ones attention.

Throughout the film you can see how the director, writers and the cast stay true to the feel of the TMNT touch and still shows the comical side of the turtles, especially Mike’s personality that shines through in almost all tense situations.

All in All, the movie is a good balance between sci-fi, intense battle scenes and a great comic sense that is maintained throughout the film.


2. Hellboy 2 The Golden Army

Successor to its previous version of Hell Boy, this one is my favourite. Hellboy 2 the Golden Army hits on all the targets when watching a sci fi superhero movie. The red BRPD agent is seen in the film, battling death, elves and monster never before seen in the franchise. As a tyrant ruler of a royal blood goes power berserk after killing his own father, Prince Nuada seeks to end the era of hiding for the world of fantasy and starts preparations to raise an unstoppable army to wage a supernatural war over the humans for utter dominance in power.

Hellboy with his team that includes his pyrokinetic girlfriend Liz, his best aquatic bud Abe and the tactician Johann set out to foil the plans of the mad prince of raising the immortal and undefeatable Golden Army.

The movie is a great pack of enjoyment for all those who are interested in lore and myths as one can clearly see a connection and enjoy the unknown world as its disguise is unveiled through the action and damage done by the rejected Hellspawn and his team.

Get ready to witness the son of the devil do some good in a very bad way.


3. Doctor Strange

The famous quote of Doctor Strange – ‘Dormaamu I’ve come to bargin’ has been the source of many internet memes but apart from the entire tiresome scene that puts some pressure on the conscience area of the brain. But the movie in itself is truly a fantastic thing to watch as it features a neurosurgeon played by the famous Benedict Cumberbatch who loses the stability in his hands after an accident and scans the globe to find a cure before finding Kamar Taj where the chosen one and her followers use the mystic arts to reshape reality to fight and protect earth from the inter-dimensional threats that arrive.

The doctor is taught the ways to find a cure but things get interesting when he finds out the real reason he is there and then the fight to save earth from getting consumed starts.

The film is sure to give everyone a true treat into the mystical world of Marvel and the arts that foreshadow a ton of new films.


4. Deadpool

Deadpool, a modern classic, is hate and loved equally by all generations. This hero of the bunch waivers off from the normal route that a mainstream superhero takes and is seen as one of the first characters in the Marvel universe to break the third barrier and engage directly with the audience. Deadpool as a movie and a comic are hilarious for it’s over the top punchlines and the simple badass attitude of Deadpool himself.

The character is played by the famous Ryan Reynolds that has a grand time playing the highly disfigured rebel hero.

The Deadpool movie is a great superhero movie that moves away from the norm and gives the viewer a bit of a different glance at the superhero movie spectrum.


5. X-Men: First Class

X-Men Apocalypse is the part of the X-Men Series and features the past of how the X-Men were formed and how did they originated.

Taking place in 1962, the Story line captures the audience’s attention as nostalgia sets in and relatable characters are seen on the screen. The movie showcases a past glimpse of a few favorites in the X-Menverse.

The viewer follows the story with Professor X, Magneto and a few other established favourites from in their younger years, interacting with other mutants in a time when their kind wasn’t publicly known.

X-Men First Class gives the start of the X-Men a rather unique sense of justice for both the heroes and the villains and gets us an insight to the working of a superpower team before the X-Men were born as a proper organisation.

Although it’s a prequel, the movie is definitely on a must not miss list due to the great screenplay and acting done to tell a smaller, yet still important, origin tale filled with dazzling, spy-like intrigue, thus freshening up the series and ushering in the ‘First Class” trilogy.