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Its high time for Bollywood to recognise the value of self-made talent

Just like every other SRK fan, Sohum found his early life inspiration in him and raced after his dreams as if there was no tomorrow.

SNS | New Delhi | Updated :

Inside every self-made man is the kid who believed in his dream and never gave up, this is the story of Ganganagar’s Sohum Shah who hailed from a small town of Rajasthan and marched his way to the city of dreams- Mumbai and wrote his destiny with his own hands. Just like every other SRK fan, Sohum found his early life inspiration in him and raced after his dreams as if there was no tomorrow.

While Bollywood is fueled with stardom, not every actor gets a taste of it. One such mountain of talent is Sohum Shah whose unprecedented performances in Tumbbad, Maharani, Ship Of Theseus, The Big Bull, and Talvar have been noticed but have never been acknowledged enough. Sohum’s well-refined acting skills, effortless expressions, and natural portrayal of every character are nonpareil in the Bollywood industry today.

Sohum’s success is not due to sheer luck but is a sore result of blood, sweat, and tears. From the beginning of his childhood, the Shah family was unable to make the ends meet. Despite being fond of cricket and Bollywood, positioning himself as an actor felt unrealistic even in Sohum’s mind. Since the actor was brought up in an underprivileged environment, he always felt courageless and timid towards his dreams. He worked hard day and night to provide for his family but as soon as he completed 25, tables turned for him, the actor got over all the responsibilities that were weighing down upon him and decided to forge ahead towards his ambitions to fulfill his long-standing pursuit of life – acting.

Not only is Sohum a living inspiration to the ambitious youth of India but he has also set the bar high in terms of his craft. From taking 6 years to produce Tumbbad which is India’s finest project in the horror genre to mastering the game of patience in life, there is hardly anybody in the industry who can match his steps.

Now it’s time when Sohum gets his denouement. It’s time for the uprising of actors like him in cinema. Time and again, the actor has gone out of his way to deliver one of the finest roles in Indian cinema, yet he is struggling with being recognized. The reason why an actor like Sohum Shah despite his great performances hasn’t been recognized is that he doesn’t have a godfather or somebody from the Industry and breaking into the inner circle has been extremely difficult always. However, times are changing and now the audiences are taking note of the good actors who are delivering good work. Therefore, it’s time for actors like Sohum to shine.