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Force 2 review: Stuttering sequel

nazim Abbasi | New Delhi |

Movie: Force 2
Director: Abhinay Deo
Cast: John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, Tahir Raj Bhasin 
Rating: **
Move over Salman bhai, there is a new shirtless hero in town.
Yes, this is 2016 but apparently viewers still haven’t got enough of the abs-craze, so John Abraham struts his stuff sans-shirt for the opening five minutes, thrashing goons in the most ridiculous of manners along the way.
While Force was a decent action flick when it released in 2011, its sequel Force 2 is anything but entertaining.
Abraham revisits his role as unhinged-but-still-Mumbai’s-best police officer, ACP Yashvardhan and has the by-the-book RAW officer Kamaljeet Kaur(Sonakshi Sinha) for company.
One breaks through walls with sheer will while the other does SWOT analysis to catch the villain. No prizes for guessing who does what.
Abhinay Deo had pulled out the proverbial rabbit out of the hat with his directorial debut, Delhi Belly, but proves that with Force 2, perhaps that was just a flash in the pan. With a weak script and no exceptional actors to boast off, this film has a runtime of 88 mins but yawns will come long before the end-credits. 
The ‘star’ actors’ performances’ feel ‘forced’ (pun intended), Abraham just flexing his considerable biceps at every other instance and screechy and wild-eyed on the other. Sinha, on the other hand, looks out of place, with her make-up always intact, her most remarkable achievement, considering the number of near-death brushes she overcomes!
The bad guy of the film Tahir Raj Bhasin, is decent, as he keeps the nation’s finest on their toes with his devious planning. A big minus is the cliched soundtrack that is deemed mandatory with every appearance of his, which is intended to intimidate the audience, but just ends up being annoying. While he is an engaging antagonist, his done-to-death motives which are revealed towards the climax are a let-down to say the least.
Thankfully there aren’t any song and dance sequences, one of its few saving graces but all in all, Force 2 is a movie only to be watched if one has a lot of money and time to waste.