She is the queen of hearts and he is the heartthrob of tinsel town. Together, they share a heart-warming camaraderie. Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra have hit the right chord with their fans and audience, as they share an amazing onscreen chemistry in the trailer of Nitya Mehra&’s Baar Baar Dekho.

In an exclusive conversation with, the two mused over the days when they first met each other, shed light on their road to success and opened up about how comfortable it is to act onscreen with someone you share a history with.

Q. It&’s the first time you are being paired together in a film, but your onscreen chemistry in ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ is the talk of the town. What is the story behind the chemistry?

Katrina: We got to know each other while working. But, I had met him earlier at a few functions, parties and at Karan Johar&’s house. He was training for Brothers at that time. So, we bonded a bit on fitness and health.

Sidharth: She was there on the first day of my shoot during Student of the Year.  The first song wasRadha… and she was shooting in a studio next door. She doesn’t remember but I remember meeting her. …And I had a big crush on her, which I keep telling her.

Now, we are doing a love story together. People are liking it so much. So, we are happy.

Q. You two have done a fair share of love stories in romantic films with other actors. What is different in the flick that will click with the viewers?

S: First time in a love story, you have a time concept where you get to see the future. There&’s Katrina and me, and nobody has seen that before. Then there&’s Kala Chashma! We’ve heard that before, but we’ve revamped it. So, I think we’ve done a better job.

Q. Kala Chashma has become a rage! People are loving it. While filming it, did you ever think it will click with the viewers?

S: I didn’t think so. We can’t predict things.

K: It was a great sounding song. It was fun and the whole shoot was really insane. But, I didn’t foresee this kind of love for the song at all.

Q. Which song have you enjoyed more? Sheila Ki Jawani, Chikni Chameli… So many of your dance numbers have become great hits.

K: All of them, at each time. When we were doing Sheila, it was so much fun. Chikni was another experience. Now, it&’s really fun to see kids dancing to Kala Chashma and everyone wanting to learn the steps.

Q. It&’s Nitya Mehra’s first directorial project and she says she is very disciplined and would get annoyed at times. How was your experience with her?

S: For a first time director, I think she knows how to lead a set. She is the captain of the ship, as we say. When you see the film, you won’t feel she&’s a first time director.

K: She&’s a whole energy package to have on the set. She works with a lot of love, passion and happiness on the set. She keeps the whole unit together.

Q. Both of you come from non-filmy backgrounds, yet so successful. But, was there a time when you thought everything could go wrong during your journey in the film industry?

S: Definitely. Both of our journeys have been very different but not easy. I came to Mumbai eight years ago… I took about five years to do my first film. But, I learnt so much from that phase – just trying to make a living in Mumbai.

K: I won’t change anything about my journey and my entry in the film industry. I have never expected or dreamed of what I’ve been able to do here.

Could everything go wrong? You can still have that fear even after you achieve a lot. Where do you go from here? How much more you can do? Those fears are something that will always be there. That&’s also what pushes you to work harder.

Q. People talk about your personal life more than your professional life…

S: Really? That&’s news! (a mischievous smile on his face).

K: I don’t think so.  But, every actor has it. I think the entire industry has that in common. It is a part and parcel of being in the glamour and entertainment industry. You just have to be okay with it.

Q. But, is it comfortable when you are acting with someone you shared a relationship with?

K: Well, that would be a long list to look at. We’d have to ask everyone we’ve worked with.

S: It&’s also our job to be comfortable. As actors, we have to show that we are comfortable.

Looking at the love, craze and praise for the two stars, it seems fans won’t shy away from saying ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ for Bollywood’s new jodi!