Kabir Khan’s ’83 has been generating buzz ever since its announcement. The Kapil Dev biopic has once again created stir with Dhairya Karwa joining the cast as Ravi Shastri.

Talking about his character, Dhairya shared, “I really want to meet him (Ravi Shastri), because I keep hearing amazing stories about him. He has been part of my cricket experience of ’90s and early 2000’s so when I landed the part, I thought I would read up everything about Ravi sir. I’ve been watching all his interviews and videos to get his boy language right. I’ve also been playing cricket for 5 months now, and the focus is to pick up his style. It’s challenging because I am a natural right arm, and he was a left-arm bowler. I’m also working on my diction and his style of speaking.”

“It’s a huge responsibility and a privilege. He’s been omnipresent in the game across generations in different roles. So, I do have big shoes to fill, but I don’t feel pressurised. I auditioned and got selected for the part. I went through the mock interview where I was talking about my career as Ravi Ravi Shastri, in his style. I was asked my views on him and I was also tested on my cricket skills. So, while I did pass the litmus test, I feel it’s a huge responsibility to play him, he added.

A few days ago, the entire cast had attended camp in Dharamshala to prep for the sports film. Apart from that, the final cast had so far been training intensively under former cricketer Balvinder Singh Sandhu’s supervision.

Thestatesman.com had earlier shared a complete list of the cast playing the 11 members of that 1983 World Cup winning team.

Tracing the historic journey to the victory of 1983 world cup, Kabir Khan’s directorial will star Ranveer Singh as the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Kapil Dev.

Being touted as the “biggest sports film” of the country, ’83 is slated to release on 10th April 2020 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.