A new Tamil film has run into problems with a Dalit-based party moving the Madras High Court bench seeking a direction to restrain the Censor Board from giving clearance to and seeking a stay on its release, alleging it contains derogatory and casteist references.

Puthiya Tamizhagam sought a direction from the court to restrain the Censor Board from granting certification for the film ‘Komban’ without considering the party’s representation to ascertain if it had followed the Board’s guidelines.

The bench, comprising Justices S Tamilvanan and V S Ravi, directed that a 10-member team be constituted, including two retired judges, the producer, PT leader K Krishnaswamy, six lawyers from the producer and petitioner’s camps and suggested they view the film and submit a report by tomorrow (Tuesday) evening on the charges.

PT also sought a stay on the release in theatres and a direction to the producer and director that the court review the film to ensure compliance with certification guidelines.

Krishnaswamy submitted that some of his friends in the film world had watched the movie and told him in private that many dialogues, overtures, picturization, editing and overt scenes degraded Nadar and Devendrakula Vellalar communities.

He said he had given a representation to regional Censor Board Chairman S.VE.Sekar on March 11, 2015, not to give the film certification till the objectionable portions were removed.

The PT leader said he also came to know that it had been referred to the chairman of CBFC, Mumbai, as most members had concluded that the fllm was not fit for approval. However, the Chairman had in turn referred it to a review committee.

Krishnaswamy said the film was reviewed yesterday, though it was a Sunday and alleged the producers were taking steps to release ‘Komban’ next week. Even the two-minute trailer had objectionable dialgoues, he charged.

He contended that the film could destroy the social fabric in southern districts and create disharmony. The recent arrest of a Censor Board official from Delhi region showed that producers were ‘purchasing’ Censor certificates, he charged.

The PT leader recalled that Muslim outfits were allowed to watch the review of Kamal Hassan-starrer ‘Vishwaroopam’ which had run into trouble and said his party should also be allowed to watch the preview of ‘Komban’.