Sonakshi Sinha has been accused by an event organiser for allegedly failing to show up at an event in Delhi for which she had accepted a booking amount of Rs 24 lakh.

The actor took to Twitter to address the issue. She wrote, “An event organiser who couldn’t live up to his commitment obviously thinks he can make a fast buck by maligning my crystal clear image in the press. There is full cooperation with the authorities from my end for the investigation to be conducted. Would request the media not to fan these bizarre claims of an unscrupulous man.”

After the statement, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Amit Pathak stated that they had received documents from the actor’s advocate and that the investigation will continue after their examination.

Elaborating further on the case, Pathak said, “There was an event scheduled for September last year, a company settled a deal with some people from Mumbai for the event. The people did not turn up and hence the event had to be cancelled,” quoted ANI.

He also informed that an FIR was filed in February after the event was cancelled.

“An FIR was filed in February and the investigation was taking place. The petitioner recently came here and asserted that even after registering the case, nothing sustantial has happened as of yet,” he added. Following which a police team was sent to Mumbai to find about the actor and other people who were set to perform at the event.

The SSP also told ANI that a lawyer representing Sonakshi Sinha has submitted the documents clarifying that the conditions mentioned in the agreement had not been violated.

In February 2019, a case was registered against the actor and four others for allegedly accepting Rs. 24 lakh for a stage performance and not turning up for the event. The show was scheduled to happen in September 2018.

The case was registered under sections 420 ( cheating) and 406 ( criminal breach of trust) of the Indian Penal Code ( IPC) at the Katghar Police Station, Moradabad.

On Thursday, the UP Police team had also visited the actor’s residence in Mumbai who was not available at home.

In a recent development, the event organiser Pramod Sharma gave a statement to ANI, defending himself. He said, “Sonakshi is calling me a liar and saying that I didn’t pay her but I’ve proof that she received money. She is trying to suppress the case using her money power and her father’s political influence.”