Making debut opposite Shah Rukh may be every Bollywood aspirants dream, but the superstar says working with him does not make anyone "an actor".

Most of the actresses, including Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, who made their debut with SRK, are doing fairly well in their careers, but the 51-year-old actor says they were experienced in some or the other way before starting their Bollywood journey.

"Just working with me doesn't make anyone an actor. Girls who have started with me, either they had done a film in another language…Earlier like Deepika Padukone she had done a film in another language, in the case of Anushka Sharma she did modelling," Shah Rukh said.

Talking about her Raees co-star, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, SRK said she is also well established in her country and working with him can hardly make any difference to her career.

"There is a bit of difference she (Mahira) is an established actress of years whether she working with me or not," he said.