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When Kareena Kapoor met Mira Rajput!

SNS | New Delhi |

It was a star-studded affair, when the who’s who of Bollywood gathered at Karan Johar’s residence to celebrate the arrival of his children Yash and Roohi. But what grabbed the attention was the arrival of Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput.

Kareena was seen entering Karan Johar’s residence along with hubby Saif Ali Khan and was soon followed by her former boyfriend Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput. Presumably this was the first time that Mira and Kareena were partying under the same roof.

Lately, the two of them were caught in a word-war where they did not say things to each other directly but it was evident that they were taking digs at each other. Both Kareena and Mira have an entirely different take on motherhood and their difference of opinion on the same became the talk of the town.

Surprisingly, both of them became mothers for the first time in 2016.

Shahid and Kareena dated for almost four years. Although their break-up saddened their fans, both the actors are happy in their personal as well as professional spaces.

While Kareena and Shahid share a cordial equation now, one can only wonder how Mira and Kareena would have reacted on meeting each other for the first time!