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Watch Firangi trailer: Kapil Sharma makes you fall in love

SNS | New Delhi |

While all were against the British raj in the country, there was one man who knew considered them as nice human beings. By now you might have understood who that person could be? The only one to stand out of the crowd is none other than the lead actor himself.

The movie seems to be a tale of love, which ages back to time of Firangi’s, when those working for the rulers were considered Britisher’s servants.

While the trailer explains a prodigious amount of story, the background score makes it look realistic.

Kapil Sharma is nothing like we have seen before. Your heart might skip a beat on seeing this serious and innocent side of the standup comedian, who has been entertaining the audience with his antics on stage until now.

The trailer of the film was released on Twitter by the movie’s official handle. “Hindustani ho ya firangi, #FirangiTrailer dekhna toh banta hai! 😍 @KapilSharmaK9 @Monica_Gill1 @ishidutta #K9Films.”

Produced by Kapil Sharma’s production house K9, the movie also features Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill, Aanjjan Shivastava in pivotal roles.

Kapil, who underwent regressive training for his role, is making his debut as a film producer with this film and we are sure many are looking forward to seeing him on screen as he has gone missing from the small screen for quite some time now.

Firangi will hit the screens on November 24, 2017.

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