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Vidyut Jamwal’s ‘Commando 2’: The Modi connect

SNS | Mumbai |

Vidyut Jamwal is all set for his next release Commando 2 and the film is said to have a Narendra Modi connect. An espionage thriller, Commando 2 revolves around a commando portrayed by Vidyut, who is skilled in many aspects of survival, weaponry, hand-to-hand combat and who is on a mission to eradicate black money which has been siphoned to banks abroad. The most surprising element of the story is that the movie has a prime minister who wants to eradicate the illegal black money from the country. Recently, Modi took the nation by storm suddenly by demonetizing Rs.1,000 and Rs.500 notes to stop the flow of black money in the country's economy. It will be interesting to watch if Modi's speech finds a connection on the silver screen through the story of Commando 2. Producer Vipul Shah had a sense of déjà vu while listening to Modi's address to the nation on Tuesday night. Bhojani, the director and co-writer of the movie said, “The idea was to combine action and intelligence in an espionage thriller. Ritesh touched on the subject of black money during a brainstorming session and both Vipul and I agreed that the subject was relatively unexplored and timely.”