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There are two sides of the coin: Priyanka on actors doing playback

PTI | Mumbai |

Priyanka Chopra says she understands what the singers feel when they see an actor invading their domain, but at the same time the actress believes creativity cannot be restricted.

The debate on actors turning singers began after reports of Sonakshi Sinha performing at Justin Bieber's India concert started doing the rounds.

The actress, however, has denied the reports, but was slammed by people from the music industry like Kailash Kher, Armaan Malik and Sona Mohapatra.

“I can see where it is coming from. Like if all actors sing what will the singers do? I am sure you understand it too. But at the same time creative people have the right to branch out.

“Like people write books, people paint like Salman Khan does, so many actors sing as well… This is all creativity,” Priyanka says.

But the actress believes there are two sides to the argument.

“Creative people are cannot be tied (to one particular thing). So there are two sides of the coin,” she adds.

Priyanka, 34, believes in a democratic country like India, everyone has a right to express their opinion and it should be respected.

“We live in a democracy. Everyone has a right to have an opinion and that is the kind of lesson we need to teach our children. My parents had taught me, you're in a democracy, don't be afraid to have a voice or speak the truth. Be fearless about your opinion.

“There is no need to judge someone so much. Every person has an opinion. There is nothing right or wrong. Everyone has a perspective and we need to respect that,” she says.