Bollywood actress Sunny Leone recently posted a video of herself on her Instagram account, which is not at all glamorous like the actress is. And, the video is not meant for the faint hearted!

Sunny, who is known for her hot appeal and glamorous avataras in the industry, is seen peeling off her skin from the face!

The video looks quite gore as the Jism 2 actress is peeling off her skin, exposing blood.

Haha having fun on set with the prosthetic kit. So gross but so much fun!!

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Well, the actress is experimenting with the prosthetics and peeling off the additional layer of make-up on her face.

Earlier, the actress posted a photo of herself covered in prosthetic material and captioned it “Trying to find my inner zen”.

Trying to find my inner zen!!!

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It is yet to know that why the stunning actress is on a spree of experimenting with prosthetic. Shall we see her prosthetics avtara in her next?