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Stop being the victim: Farah on Kangana’s accusations

SNS | New Delhi |

Bollywood filmmaker/choreographer Farah Khan, who is known for raising her opinion and speaking for the voiceless, intervenes in the Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan recent spat.

According to the filmmaker, the Queen actress who has recently ignited the long forgotten feud between the actors (Hrithik-herself), is playing the victim card in the situation and firmly believes that one should get over with it and move on.

According to sources, Farah said, “What you would have done if the man had sent the pictures and would have spoken like the woman? In that case, the man would have been bashed and may have been sent to jail,”

Farah, who is not taking any sides, still hints towards the actress always using the ‘woman card’.

“Personally I have never faced any gender related issues. These matters should be taken very seriously as there are many women who are actually facing grave problems. And in such situations, the real women-related issues are lost in the puddle.” the filmmaker added.

The Kangana-Hrithik spat has attracted much attention from the industry and people have started speaking out their opinions. Now the remaining quotient to add in the mix is the involved stars’ comments!