Even after being trolled on social media for her comments against the recent meat ban in Mumbai, Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha remained undeterred in voicing her political opinions as she raked up yet another issue within a few hours.

This time, the actress highlighted the “ignorance/negligence” of the floods in Assam, an issue which until recently did not receive any attention from the rest of the nation and the media.

“Why no ban on ignorance/negligence? What about the flood affected people of Assam? Priorities people. Priorities,” tweeted Sonakshi.

Earlier, Sonakshi had joined the ranks of film colleague Sonam Kapoor and author Chetan Bhagat in criticizing the banning spree and close minded sense of freedom in India following the meat ban in Mumbai during Jain festival ‘Paryushan’.

“This is a free country! Welcome to BAN-istan… I meant india.. Stupid autocorrect,” wrote Sonakshi, with more than a subtle hint of sarcasm.

In a different approach to the situation, Sonam tweeted: Our country is going to remain a 3rd world nation because of the intolerant misogynistic close minded few.

As the public mocked Sonam for her use of the phrase ‘misogynistic’, which implies a mistrust of women, the ‘Khoobsurat’ actress was kept busy justifying the general tone of her comment, stating that it was not limited to the issue at hand- meat ban- but at the all-encompassing Indian mentality.

Sonakshi was also not spared for her stand against the ban, as people insulted her with an ever-widening range of mudslinging, involving her actor-politician father, Shatrughan Sinha, and the overdone weight jokes.

Despite the stigma of ‘dumb and gorgeous’ attached to Bollywood actresses, which led to these divas  being dragged into the heated debate as easy targets, it has been refreshing to see them both put up a brave front and show a different side of them to the nation.

While Sonam waved a white flag after some angry replies to her critics, stating ‘back to talking about fashion and brands now’ in a recent tweet despite putting up a formidable fight, Sonakshi does not seem to have the same idea in mind as she continues her activism with the Assam floods tweet.

"And the best part is, trolls think they are relevant, while we carry on with our happy and positive lives god bless you all!" tweeted Sonakshi later, with a few more jokes at the expense of trolls, even branding Twitter as a place where ‘only trolls are allowed to have their say’. 

Maybe it’ll take more than a few put-downs to keep this Sinha girl ‘Khamosh’.