Actor Shahid Kapoor, who is one of the most health-conscious stars in Bollywood, is a frequent visitor to a gym which is also visited by his ex-girlfriend Kareena Kapoor.

Although Shahid and Kareena were never spotted talking to each other, they have been spotted exiting and entering the same gym.

The sources reveal that they prefer going to the gym at different times and they don't even have the same trainer. But if rumours are to be believed, Shahid and Kareena were spotted leaving the gym one after the other, which clearly proves that the ex-flames were in the gym at the same time.

Kareena and Shahid had a rather inglorious past with each other. They were the lovebirds of Bollywood for four years but their unexpected breakup shook up the world. Although they have never spoken openly about the reason for their break up, they have always been very careful of each other's presence and maintained a safe distance.

Coincidently, both the ex-lovers are enjoying parenthood as Shahid's daughter Misha and Kareena' son Taimur were born in the same year.