Actor Mia Melzar, whose short film “The Field” is being screened at the Toronto International Film festival (TIFF) 2018, says legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s films opened her eyes towards world cinema.

Talking about her inspiration for working in international project like “The Field”, Mia said: “My inspiration has been all the films my grand uncle (Ray) made. They opened my eyes as a kid towards world cinema. He is very well-known outside of India.

“Today, my only dream is to bring back at least one Oscar like him. He brought back the Oscar towards the last minute and unfortunately died within a few weeks after receiving it. When I saw him celebrating his art with everyone, it inspired me. In my days of struggle, his days of struggles as filmmaker, keeps me focused.”

Ray got an honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1992.

“The Field” is a collaboration of French, British and Indian filmmakers. It is a French Film by Lionfish Films Production, and is directed by Sandhya Suri.

On her first visit to TIFF, Mia said she was excited also to witness Lady Gaga’s acting career debut at the same platform.

“We both battled body shaming but now the change in cinema all over the world is getting more visible! We actors are at a great time today where talent alone can take over every odd on our way,” she said.