A lot has happened around the Gulshan Kumar’s biopic Mogul. Initially, the biopic was to feature Akshay Kumar in the lead role, but he backed out of the film with a thank you note and signed amount.

According to reports, Aamir Khan, who is now co-producer of the film, is planning to cast Sanju actor Ranbir Kapoor.

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Bhushan Kumar, head of T-Series, said, “We haven’t finalised the lead, but we will have a younger star in the film. However, Ranbir seems to be the ideal choice.”

Reports said Kumar was keen on getting Ranbir onboard as he was a good actor. They have discussed the idea with Ranbir but a decision is yet to be reached and the entire cast is yet to be finalised, sources said.

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“Bhushan feels Ranbir will suit the character. Since he is a good actor and has a good market value as well, the makers felt he was the perfect choice to play Gulshan Kumar. They have even discussed the whole idea with him, but they haven’t arrived at a decision yet,” a source close to Bhushan was quoted as saying.