Denying rumours of a tiff with superstar Salman Khan at an event to pay tribute to music producer Gulshan Kumar, singer Sonu Nigam on Thursday said he was pained by the rumour mongering.

According to media reports, Salman Khan had told Nigam at the T-Series’ ‘Suron Ke Rang’ musical concert that he did not need any playback artiste to sing for him which apparently left the versatile singer peeved.

Nigam rubbished the rumours in his tweet: “Nothing of d (this) sort of what has been reported happened guys. Salman was very gracious that night.. Don’t know who cooked up this story.”

The singer later released a statement in which he said: “It pains to see some rumour mongers dilute my entire effort behind giving a genuine tribute to my dear Gulshan ji, and reduce the publicity to a petty and imaginary offence by Salman.”

“Like always, he (Salman) was having fun and infact expressed how bad he wanted to once in a while sing his own songs. Such news leave a bad taste… and people do end up believing some part of it unfortunately. God bless,” he adds.