Her latest show "No Filter Neha" saw a host of Bollywood celebrities bare their heart out, and actress Neha Dhupia says season two is definitely on cards.

The audio-chat show is hosted by Neha where she asks interesting questions to Bollywood celebrities.

When asked if she is planning to come back with season two, Neha told PTI, "Yes, if everything goes as planned, there's definitely a season 2. And it's not going to be a long wait…" 

The actress says the credit for show's success goes to the audience and celebrities who were very frank.

"The guests who agreed to come in my first season weren't aware of anything except that they had to come and sit and talk to me in a locked room for one hour. It was a battle of wits and I'm glad that I lost to each one of them." 

Neha says it is difficult and "unfair" for her to choose who was the best guest on her show and says everyone "came with different stories." 

"Kangana and Sonam, people I didn't know I just called them and they showed up, which is amazing. Arjun (Kapoor) was only in the country for ten hours in four months, and he made time for me. Ranbir, Karan, Farah were just an open book.

"There was Kareena. She spoke about everything. We discussed baby names as well. So I have to say that all in all it's hard to point one person down."