Writer, director Madhureeta Anand&’s latest film, ‘Kajarya’ deals with the pertinent topic of sex selection in India and says “something that everyone needs to hear”.

Speaking at the launch of the film&’s trailer at Jantar Mantar, the 18th century brick-work observatory which is a popular protest site in the heart of the national capital, Anand said the film was made for wide audiences.

“Most film trailers are launched within the confines of rooms in Mumbai but Kajarya is a film with a mission and a strong message. So, the decision to release the trailer at the spot where all social movements take place– Jantar Mantar was taken,” Anand said.

Premièred at the Dubai International Film Festival where it earned rave reviews, the film&’s triumph lies in the fact that it is a story that was born from the raw realistic environs of Haryana and Delhi, Anand said.

“I made this film for wide audiences and the trailer launch reflects this sentiment perfectly. I want this film to reach as many people as possible because it is saying something that everyone needs to hear,” she said.

One Billion Rising is endorsing the thriller film globally which is set to release on December 4, 2015.