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Game well played, Akshay Kumar delivers six babies?

SNS | New Delhi |

Bollywood’s ‘Khiladi’ Kumar delivered not one but six babies altogether! Post his pregnancy, he welcomed six babies in the world, who were laughing instead of crying.

Well, this is nothing to be serious about as Akshay Kumar’s babies are not his own and he was not the one who literally welcomed them in the world.

The latest teaser of the show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, showcases Akshay in a hilarious shoot where he is welcoming his six babies who are more than happy to be here and there hilarious laughter is the proof to it!

Earlier, in the last teaser, the actor was shown as a pregnant man in pain, yet eager to welcome his babies in the world, has now finally delivered his team of comedians (babies) in the recent teaser.

‘Khiladi’ Kumar even took to his Twitter account to reveal the hilarious promotional teasers.

The actor, who is planning to make a comeback in full-time comedies after many successful social films, has started to resume his comedy ventures with the iconic show.

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge returns after almost a decade and this will be the fourth season of the show. Akshay will be seen as ‘the’ judge or one of the judges of the show, which is yet to be confirmed.