Bollywood veteran Dharmendra says while growing up he used to look up to the legendary talent Dilip Kumar.

Dharmendra spoke about it during an appearance on Colors’ TV show Entertainment Ki [email protected]. The actor sported a black and grey attire with a stylish hat, read a statement.

While talking to host Saumya Tandon, he said: “In my growing days, I used to look up to Dilip Kumar sahab. I was in complete awe of his charisma and I think there can’t be anyone like him in this film industry.”

He recollected that he started his career with a photoshoot.

“I was horrible in studies and wanted to pursue modelling and acting but my father was totally against it. In those days, the film industry was not looked upon as a respectable career and he didn’t approve of it.”

Asked what profession he would have pursued if he weren’t an actor, he said: “If not an actor, I would have been an athlete and would get a gold medal for India”.