S Shankar’s magnum opus 2.0, which is two days from its release, has got in trouble with the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI).

COAI has filed a complaint against the forthcoming sci-fi film for allegedly promoting “obscurantist and anti-scientific attitudes toward the mobile phone, towers and mobile services”.

According to NDTV report, COAI has sent a letter to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and claimed that the filmmakers are “falsely depicting mobile phones and mobile towers as harmful to living creatures and the environment including birds and human beings”.

The association has requested “exhibition of the movie be suspended until the determination of the instant complaint”.

In the film, Akshay Kumar plays the role of an ornithologist, who believes birds and animals are being affected by the mobile phone radiations.

Recently, speaking about 2.0 to media, Akshay Kumar said, “There is a moment in the story that emphasizes the other living creatures on planet earth. It says that the planet not only belongs to the human race but also to animals and birds.”

Though animals and plants cannot raise their voice against human beings, they have the right to live. So do not spoil the mother nature,” he added.

The film that reportedly had a budget of Rs 543 crore is considered the most expensive film of India made in 3D.

The film, 2.0, is slated to release on 29 November.