After creating several good cinemas, journalist-turned –filmmaker Bhavna Talwar has joined hands with British actor-producer Craig Conway to produce psychological thriller The Myth of Hopelessness.

Directed by Shaun Robert Smith, the film, which stars Morjana Alaohi, Mel Raido and Craig Conway, will be made in collaboration with Bhavna&’s WSG Entertainment and Vistaar will join hands 

Bhavna, along with her husband Sheetal Talwar co-founded the WSG Entertainment, a boutique production company that aims to back high-quality content from across the globe.

The filmmaker&’s earlier production includes The Eichmann Show, a movie which recounts the global transmission of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the chief Nazi architects of the Holocaust.   

Currently in the midst of working on the release of her feature film Happi, she is also producing Veda, in addition to other English language films.