Boney Kapoor’s family has been through a lot in the last two weeks and it’s time that people leave them alone now. But some people can’t stop spreading hatred and it’s time that they must be shut for good. And Anshula Kapoor’s reply to Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor’s haters is the perfect reply to such hatemongers.

Much to everyone’s surprise Anshula has stepped in for her sisters and has asked her fans to stop with the hatred and give her sisters their space.

On Monday, Anshula posted an image on her Instagram account for her sisters. But Anshula was not pleased with the hypocrisy of some people, who were using abusive language for Janhvi and Khushi.

First, let’s take a look at what Anshula posted for her sisters;

That’s indeed a sweet gesture on Anshula’s part as it proves that she is concerned about the well being of Janhvi and Khushi.

Anshula’s reply to one user, who goes by the name of richa3887, proves why she is the pillar of support in her sister’s life.

Anshula wrote: “hi, I’m requesting you to refrain from using abusive language especially towards my sisters, I do not appreciate it & have therefore deleted ur comments. While I am grateful for your passion & love for bhai & me, just a small correction – I was never working outside India. Let’s please spread joy & good vibes. Thank you for the love”

 Anshula fans have appreciated her for taking a stand for her sisters against the haters and for supporting them through thick and thin.

It’s a no secret that Boney Kapoor was estranged with his children Arjun and Anshula Kapoor after his marriage to Sridevi and the two families of Boney never shared an understanding equation.

But the untimely demise of Sridevi has somehow brought the two families together, as Arjun cancelled his shooting schedules and flew all the way to Dubai to be with his father and handle all the formalities for Sridevi’s funeral. Now it’s Anshula, who has taken a stand to protect her sisters from the haters during such time when the family of the deceased needs to be alone.

Late actor Sridevi passed away on February 24 in Dubai. She was attending the marriage of her nephew Mohit Marwah there.