It isn’t every day that one is assured of one&’s physical attractiveness by one of the most desirable actresses in Bollywood. 

Indian superstar Aamir Khan, who recently beefed up for his role as a wrestler in his latest film Dangal, was privy to that honour, sharing an affectionate exchange of words with actress Sunny Leone on social media.

The actor capitalized on his weight gain in a recent advertisement for an e-commerce brand, joking about it with self-deprecating humour.

“Hey @aamir_khan saw you in the Snapdeal Ad. Motte or not, you still look hot! Love you!” tweeted Sunny earlier this week, with playful emoticons- a wink and a kissy face- to complement the compliment.

Revelling in her words, Aamir thanked her for showering him with love on Thursday.

He replied: “Thank you @SunnyLeone, you are too kind. Love. a.”

After being trolled by Twitterati for his ‘crying’ stories and recently, the mud-faced Dangal poster where he resembles a certain Fantastic Four character, this must be a welcome surprise for the actor.

Dangal is set for a Christmas 2016 release.