Vikram Chatterjee is a Bengali film actor who did commendable roles on films like Khoj, Elar Char Adhyay and Saheb Bibi Golaam. In this interview he shares his journey as an actor.


How was the journey from acting in side roles to becoming the protagonist?

The journey has been great. I am an absolute outsider and started with whatever was offered to me. I feel blessed that I get so much of love for the work I do today. It feels great when you are appreciated equally by the audience and colleagues.

Did you always want to become an actor?

No. It just happened. I was working with HSBC till 2009. I left the job looking for something more engaging and creatively satisfactory. Soon after, I started assisting the director of a theatre group called “Theatricians”. Since then God has been kind.

You seem to be really picky about your films. What drives you to choose or reject a script?

Not sure if I should take that as a compliment though. I have been striving to do good work. The last four projects that I have been a part of have all been immensely successful. Be it Shaheb Bibi Golaam, Icche Nodi, Meghnad Badh Rahasya or Khoj. I’m trying my best to deliver good work. And being able to choose the right project is the first step.

What is your take on hoichoi, the bengali digital content platform?

I believe web is the future. Hoichoi is a fantastic platform for Bengali content and I’m happy that Khoj and Hoichoi have decided to come together.

You have also acted on a popular serial named Ichenodee. Do you prefer working for the big screen or small screen?

As long as I’m doing good work, the platform does not make a difference. What matters is whether the audience is watching or not. I only wish to do good work and be loved for the same. For this, I am ready to give my best.