Cactus, a silent feature-length fiction film about Jesus Christ by Aneek Chaudhari, has been nominated for Rome Independent Film Awards. The film had its premiere in Vienna last month.

The film depicts Jesus in feminine form and this is perhaps the first attempt to depict Christ as a woman. Aparajita Dey plays the Christ character.

On choosing to bring such a major breakthrough in a religious phenomenon, Chaudhari said, “The characteristics and endurance reflected in Jesus can be experienced only in a female. That’s why I decided to cast a female actor as Jesus.”

The film portrays the art forms of Pieta and the Last Supper and creates scenarios in context of the paintings.

Cactus is set to compete in the Best Film, Best Art Director, Best Cinematography and Best Director categories at the awards.

The director also shared his views on how art is best expressed and appreciated abroad. In a statement he said, “I strongly believe arts experience maximum liberty in Europe. It is always good to have your creation viewed by people who are brought up in such an environment.”

The film also stars Anurupa Chakroborty and Aishani De.