Man vs Alien. Black vs Blue. Night vs Day. Skill vs Strength. Bruce Wayne vs Clark Kent.

Man of Steel is all set to fight Bat of Gotham in a pulse-racing, heart-ripping and mind-boggling battle.

The billionaire orphan faces off the herculean alien.

Batman gave up his comfort to fight against the crime and chaos in Gotham, Superman battled the baddies and kept them at bay from Metropolis.

A superhero is against another superhero, but the two have their own set of strength and weaknesses.



Flies almost at the speed of sound
Melts or obliterate anything through heat vision
X-Ray vision to see through anything
Super hearing powers


Values human life more than anything
X-Ray vision fails to pass lead
Proximity to Kryptonite makes him lose his powers



Unlimited resources to make unlimited gadgets
Brilliant tactical mind
Analyses his opponent and keeps each possibility in mind 
Trained martial artist
Dangerous hand-to-hand combatant


A mere human in front of a superhuman
Batsuit offers no resistance to mystical attacks
Cannot fly without bat-plane

A soft point for both of them is that killing is against their principles.

The epic battle of the two comic book icons will turn into a majestic mayhem. In the war, who will win? Vote for your choice.